Happy Pink Nightstand

So my mom gifted this little nightstand to me.

It needed a bath and a good sanding when I got it home, so naturally I stuck it in the building with like 80 other pieces of furniture that need love. I’d show you what it looked like then, but I forgot to take pictures.

You’ll have that.

Some unremembered number of days later, I got it out, washed it, dried it, sanded a few spots, and used a heck of a lot of wood filler to fix some scratches and other not-so-great spots.

The layers of wood on top were chipped in a few places so I decided that I’ll Mod Podge some kind of collage and not worry about making it perfectly smoothtastic. Then sad little nightstand got to hang out in the building for a few more days.

Lots and lots of days later, I sanded what I’d used wood filler on and wiped it down with a microfiber cloth..or a towel.. it was something made of fabric. I gave it a good once over for the 8th time and decided to paint. I thinned some Kilz, filled the paint cup, and got to work with my HomeRight CommandMax HVLP paint sprayer *name drop*. I gave the nightstand a few coats of primer and let it dry for a few more days.
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