Oh, Headboard! How I adore thee.

I have a lovely tufted headboard in a not-so-lovely and stained shade of green.

I found it on Craigslist many moons ago for $30. I wasn’t so in love with the colour when I saw it, but it was a steal so I got it anyway. I didn’t mind the green so much after a while, but then I noticed the stain or faded part or whatever it is on this fabric that makes it ugly.

I’m trying not to think too hard about what the previous owners did to it.

I DO love this thing, though.


A monster might live under my building. I should be careful.


I should have taken this at a different angle so you could see the rest of the weird stains.. or maybe not. You can take my word for it that they’re nasty.

So I thought about dyeing it.

After reading about that long and quite arduous process, I decided against it. I’ve seen a few tutorials on painting upholstery, but with all of those buttons, I’m not sure it will turn out so great and I’d rather it doesn’t end up scratchy. It’s so nice and soft!

I searched the internet for solutions, like I do, and found out that the perfect product does exist!

Simply Spray Upholstery Fabric Paint is exactly what I needed. They have a good selection of colours (but they need more!) and I was really leaning towards the Caribbean Blue but decided on Charcoal Grey because I’ll never ever get sick of that colour.

Lucky for me, Hobby Lobby carries it so any reason for me to go there is a great one. Hah! I bought two cans just to make sure I didn’t run out.

I’ve been super ready to paint it but it’s either been too cold or rainy outside and today it’s sunny and 75°! Perfect… so I thought. I didn’t realize just how windy it was. Oh well. I’m a rebel and I’ll do it anyway!

I prepped the area, cleaned off the extra cat hair, and got to work. One can covered the whole thing.. or did it?

It is now a lovely, splotchy, dark green.


Yuck. I bet Oscar the Grouch would like it.


It looks more grey in this picture but I guess that’s just light trickery.

Hopefully the second coat will give me the desired results or I’ll have to take another trip to the store for more.

The wind was quite blustery, too, and my toes and arms got a lot of the over spray. Everybody loves polka dots, right?

So instead of doing the second coat today, I’ll let it dry completely and finish it on a day when the wind won’t carry me off. I don’t like waiting but I’d rather not waste paint.

That means you have to wait and see if I can actually manage to cover all that green.

Cross your fingers and toes for me.

Until then, I’ll be anxiously checking the weather. *no wind no wind no wind*


Note: This is not a compensated post and the opinions expressed here are strictly my own and all that jazz.


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