Can it be back to school timez, plz?


This was my day today.

This is my day most every day.

And if I’m not in the kitchen, I’m running around the rest of the house doing other cleaning/kid-related things.

I rarely sit down. Actually, if I sit down for too long on the couch, I’ll fall asleep!
So much for movies. lol

I’m anxiously awaiting that sweet sweet first day back to school.
I imagine myself sitting quietly and enjoying a hot cup of coffee after they’re on the bus.
I’ll go over my plans for the day.
I’ll prep for dinner early.
I’ll make sure the laundry is caught up.

Then I’ll start a project and… I’ll finish it!
All before they return in the afternoon. It’s gonna be perfect!

But… awww… who am I kidding? I’ll probably sleep until 1.

This summer has helped me to redefine the meaning of lazy. Ugh. Come on, middle of August. I’m ready!


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