Come Play In May – Blogger Challenge Recap

The month of May has flown by! I participated in a blogger challenge and had fun interpreting the prompts to fit my personality. I can’t be serious to save my life. lol

Axis of Ineptitude: Come Play in May was fun and inspiring and gave me a lot of opportunity to think outside the box. I love a creative challenge.

I completed 12 out of 31 days. Not bad. (I wish I had done 13. It’s a magical number.) Some of the prompts didn’t work for me so I pulled the inept card and skipped them. Gotta stay true to the theme of ineptitude, right?

Today, the last prompt is to link back to my favourite posts.
These had me laughing SO much.

On day 2, I had to define myself in uncommon ways. AmberColoursCROPPED
When I started writing the post, I found that lengthy descriptions and adjective fluff bored me, so I decided to photoshop myself into pictures that represent who I am.

I creeped out/amused my husband and kids while I was making the pictures and that made it even better.



Day 12 was National Limerick Day! It took me a while to come up with anything, but once I finished one limerick, I couldn’t stop writing them.

My husband kept coming up with them too. At one point, we were speaking only in limericks to each other. Fun stuff!


A few of my other posts were memorable for me, but mostly because they involved me cleaning material possessions from my life. I struggle with that one. I’d like to tell you that I finished those projects, but I’d be telling you tall tales. 😉

I procrastinate like a boss…who takes naps.

If you’re feeling fancy, join the blogger challenge for June. There’s a whole month full of great prompts and no writing on weekends! You can play along whenever you feel like it. No pressure.

I won’t be participating next month, but I’m glad I followed along in May because it gave me just the push I needed to be more active with my blog. I’ve come up with my own blogging schedule for June and I’m excited to start! (It’s about time, Amber.)

I’ll most definitely be playing along again in July!

Monday, I’m going to show you a few things and some stuff and junk… so stay tuned (or you know, look for the post since this isn’t a tv show.) 😀




Beyonce’s Drama

And now, a list of irrational hatred.

 Disclaimer: This may make you uncomfortable. 
  1. Chevron: is kind of okay in very small doses, but since it turned into a wildfire trend and i’ve seen entire rooms covered in it, it needs to just die now.3f21896f33b382bf040f406bc2ee8123
  2. Burlap: curtains and pillows? no. (I think that trend is mostly over. I hope.)
  3. Fonts that are terrible like: tumblr_lfpryqkaHK1qc09ni
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Rats A Packin’

Yesterday was National Pack Rat Day!      mouse-306883_640

I bet you didn’t even know…

But I bet you DO know someone who compulsively holds on to, or collects, usually unneeded items. Maybe it’s YOU!

Hey, I’m not calling you out, I’m just giving you a *virtual high five* for solidarity.

All jokes aside, though, hoarding can be hazardous. Sometimes collections get so massive that they compromise living conditions and cause physical and psychological distress. Unfortunately, I know quite a few people who live dangerously in this manner. (It’s time to go through your stuff, guys. I support you.)

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