Droppin’ Balls


I’m a ball dropper, for sure.

I kind of.. let go of college.


I could blame it on my inability to juggle home life and school, but really, my heart just wasn’t in it. I was a graphic design major but I decided that I’ll get by on talent alone. That’s doing me no good, though, since I haven’t been using it!

I think all the clutter in my life is holding me back from actually DOING or making anything. It’s stressing me in so many ways.

I’m somewhat of a “collector” of ALL THE THINGS.



Thanks, Mom and Grandma! No.. really. I find a lot of cool stuff that I like to keep.


I keep it on the tops of dressers and hidden in drawers and piled in corners and shoved in cabinets and crammed in a storage building and etc. I let them collect dust and every now and then when I’m looking for something else (that I usually don’t find) I have eureka moments like “Oh, hey! This is so awesome. I’m glad I have this!”

*puts it back and walks away*


Owls and shit.

I think part of the problem is that I can’t ever find the right place to put these awesome things. I’m always waiting for THE perfect place.

The perfect place is NOT shoved in some corner, however.

If I like the stuff so much, shouldn’t I have it on display or actually be using it?

If I don’t love it, shouldn’t I just get rid of it?!

I’ve been planning to have a yard sale for.. ohhhhh… a few YEARS now. I’ve managed to donate a bunch of things here and there, but I always accumulate more.

My storage building is full of furniture, wood scraps, kids’ clothes, tools, Christmas stuffs, and random knick knackery. I don’t have tooooo much stuff piled up in my house because once it’s in the way, it goes to the building. Hah.

Guess how old that Luvs box is?

But… papers.

Ughhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh papers.

My kids bring home SO many papers from school. They end up in a pile on my kitchen table and on counters.

I’ll go through them eventually.

I’ve learned to stop asking my daughter if she wants to keep the pictures she’s coloured because, of course, she wants to keep ALL of them. (I wonder where she gets that from?)

And my craft cabinet is… a nightmare.


The other day I discovered that a bottle of glue had been dripping for quite. a. while.


Luckily it’s regular old Elmer‘s and it will peel off of things easily.

If someone asks me if I have a certain something, you’re gonna hear “Uhh… yea.. it’s right heee… it’s somewhere. Give me a minute.”

Sometimes I find it. Sometimes half the stuff falls on the floor and I get irritated and just shove it back in there and close the door.  ARGH!

So. Much. Stuff.

I can’t even get half of the things out of the bottom.

But yesterday I found a gold mine of Target salvage at Goodwill and I think I have enough storage bins to organize that mess of a cabinet!

I also scored this REALLY awesome rug! I rolled around on it. It’s super soft. 🙂

Mr. Cézanne approves.

I’m hoping that once I’ve cleaned up all my craft supplies, it will inspire me to clean up that storage building and everything else, too.

So today is the day I tackle the mess.

No one is here to bother me. I will NOT watch Warehouse 13 and waste time. And I will reward myself with steak. Wish me luck!


Clean-All-the-Things axisofineptitude_sm

11 thoughts on “Droppin’ Balls

    • Thanks! And the cabinet started out full of books until my closet could no longer function as a closet because of all my crafty junk. That purple cabinet is one of my most favourite things ever. 😀


  1. OK. The rug. Let me just say something about the rug. I WANT THE RUG.

    B: Organizing is like exercising. You have to want to. And I don’t. So I am completely comfortable with your unorganized awesomeness, even if nobody else is.


    Liked by 1 person

    • When I saw that rug in a crumpled mess in the back of the store, I noticed the pattern first and immediately searched for the price tag. I seriously had to calm myself down enough to focus. $35.95!!!! My eyes weren’t deceiving me! So I very tediously rolled it up, folded it, threw it in the cart, and promptly paid for it. I wasn’t letting anyone else steal my joy. LOL It’s 7×10!!! It’s okay to be jealous. I’d be jealous of me, too.

      It’s funny how I’m all gung ho about cleaning out that cabinet and now it’s noon. Go me! It’s nagging at me…


  2. Oh, thank goodness, I have company. Between crafty stuff, paper clutter (my husband is way worse a pack rat than me), practical stuff, and “it might come in useful someday” stuff, I have so much all over my house. I wish I could “Let It Go” and have a clean space.

    Liked by 1 person

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