Beyonce’s Drama

And now, a list of irrational hatred.

 Disclaimer: This may make you uncomfortable. 
  1. Chevron: is kind of okay in very small doses, but since it turned into a wildfire trend and i’ve seen entire rooms covered in it, it needs to just die now.3f21896f33b382bf040f406bc2ee8123
  2. Burlap: curtains and pillows? no. (I think that trend is mostly over. I hope.)
  3. Fonts that are terrible like: tumblr_lfpryqkaHK1qc09ni
  4. Birds on a branch decor: aren’t cute anymore. Especially since there are tutorials showing you how to make art with that theme. Please. Stop.
  5. Tacky furniture revamps: are just wasteful. If you get an old piece of furniture with worn and chipping paint, and you then sand it and repaint it only to make it look similar or worse than it looked before, then wtf did you even bother? also, don’t add burlap bows as drawer pulls. that is not only inefficient, but ugly as hell.
  6. Burgundy carpet: should be illegal.
  7. White rugs: ..because children and people with shoes. (I recently bought one and after spot cleaning it to death, decided that I cannot have anything white in my house. It is now for sale.)
  8. Medium-sized children: can be very very annoying.
  9. Particle board: is just crap.
  10. Washing dishes: *grumble grumble hiss hiss*
  11. Folding laundry: sucks. A washing machine… a dryer… WHERE is the folding machine? Oh, that’s what kids are for. 🙂 Except for those medium-sized kids who don’t listen..ill-have-you-know-i-did-my-laundry-1189
  12. Beige walls: just look boring and dirty, and if you’re trying to rent a house to new tenants and you painted EVERY wall in the house beige, it’s an indication that you hate people. (That house was beautiful, old man, and you made it look like a rustic adobe. 😦 )
  13. Country Blue coloured anything: is gross.
  14. Cheap perfume: makes me want to vomit in your general direction.
  15. Beyonce’s drama: OMGNOONECARESANYMORE!
  16. Driving: is meant to get me from point A to point B and I’d rather you drove me around. Call me Miss Daisy.
  17. Tacky furniture: is plentiful and that’s sad… this kind of tacky amuses me though6883325713_49271fd0f1_o (1)
  18. Wearing toe socks: is just not for me. It’s uncomfortable and irritating.
  19. Earwigs: can GTFO.earwigs-figure-02
  20. Chalkboard walls: are just too dusty… thinking about having chalk dust on my hands is making me squeamish.
  21. Facebook: is alright if you use it in the right ways.. but if you’re just a vaguebooker or a woe-is-me-booker, then STFU. I’ve already unfollowed you.
  22. Sometimes my husband: should be in time out in the corner.
  23. People who don’t use turn signals: can just stay home!
  24. Guys who yell at video games: make me anxious and jumpy and EFF your stupid game. If the game is SOOOO terribly made then WHY are you still playing it?! You just like screaming at the tv?
  25. Slum lords: shouldn’t be paid so much in rent when you just had your slovenly maintenance worker staple parts of my horrid burgundy carpet down so the hole wouldn’t get bigger instead of replacing it.
  26. Jay and Silent Bob movies: suck. Yea yea.. I’m sure you all love them but the fact that people love them SOO much makes me hate them even more.
  27. Cooking for picky people: is irritating as hell. Just eat what I made, mmkay?
  28. Lorde songs: are not even good and they’re playing in every freaking store I go into.
  29. This song: will always be one of the things I hate the most.

  30. Ending a list on an odd number: is unacceptable! Lemongrabaxisofineptitude_sm

4 thoughts on “Beyonce’s Drama

  1. Burgundy carpet is a tragedy. When I was a kid we had beige carpet that my mother decided to dye burgundy using…T-shirt dye. Needless to say the entire process was a feet staining nightmare. If you start a petition to outlaw it I will gladly sign. Excellent post btw!

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    • Oh, man. I heard it so much when I was younger because a friend liked it and I got sooo sick of it. Now my husband likes to sing it to me because he knows I hate it. lol



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