Vegetarian Lasagna That Even Your Kids Will Eat

I added this recipe to Pinterest a year ago and it gets repinned pretty much every day now, so I decided to share it.

Vegetarian lasagna might not be your favourite, or maybe you’re scared of vegetables, but you might want to give this a shot. The recipe is rated 5 stars on with good reason. It’s delicious. Even my kids will eat it. 2 out of 3 say they love it so that’s a win!

I use 5 oz. of fresh, chopped spinach instead of the frozen, and 2 cups of mushrooms tossed with minced garlic. I think I’ll add broccoli next time I make it.

Recipe by Mille; Photo by Kathy at

Vegetarian Lasagna at | Pinterest Link

P.S. Remember to read through the recipe’s comments for other helpful suggestions. 😉




Defining Myself in Uncommonly Common Ways

Today’s challenge is to define myself in uncommon ways.

I started by making a list of all the common ways I can define myself. Then I made a list of a lot of uncommon ways. Then I realized I didn’t feel like writing a novel that would end up putting anyone to sleep.

So instead, here I am in a few badly photoshopped pictures. Enjoy. 🙂


I’m an artist. I’m also a kid at heart.

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Very Pinteresting!



Love Pinterest? Who doesn’t?!

It’s a great way to organize ideas, inspiration, and tips.

If only my house was as organized as my boards! (I have an organization board too.)

These are my favourite finds from the past week or so.

Kidtastic Ideas

What a great idea! It’s a snacklace!  Not only is this good for movie night, but you could use it for long car rides, or while waiting for appointments.  I may want one of these for myself. lol


Movie Night Necklace Original Post  |  Pinterest Link 


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Foodtastical Art!

I’ll be honest. I haven’t worked on any projects lately. *Pssst… act surprised!*

I painted my beloved coffee table. After I took a few pictures of it and stared at it for a few days, it doesn’t quite feel finished to me so I’m currently stuck on “what DO I do with that middle part?”

The list of things TO do keeps growing, though.

So many ideas, so little time… [that I make for myself.]

I’ve been reorganizing files in my laptop and noticed that I have folders of pictures that I saved before the oh-so-glorious Pinterest came around.

I thought I’d share some of what I have.

So without further blabbing, behold the creative power of food!

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