Counter Stool Made Cool

I found this little counter stool on the neighbor’s curb. There’s nothing wrong with it and I kind of wish people wouldn’t just throw out perfectly good stuff, but hey.. thanks!

1StoolBeforeIt’s perfectly fine on it’s own, but I figured it could use some pizzazz so I gave it a makeover.

I fell in love with some fabric I found at a thrift store a few years ago but couldn’t figure out what to do with it.

FabricIt’s navy blue (the picture doesn’t do the colour justice) with a cute print of a little person painting. I only needed to use a bit of it for this project but I’m finally glad to just be using it at all. I realized that I have some spray paint that matches two of the colours in the print, so it seemed perfect.

I didn’t stop to take pictures of the entire process because I like to just get things done, but it was relatively simple.

2StoolPaintedI unscrewed the seat and removed it from the base. I painted the base Rustoleum’s Seaside (GREAT colour!)

I lightly sanded over the top and sides of the seat and painted the bottom and sides of it Krylon Watermelon. I didn’t bother painting the top because I was going to glue fabric to it anyway.

Then I very-carefully-at-the-perfect-angle traced the size of the seat onto some newsprint. It took me 3 tries to get it right.

I traced the pattern onto the fabric and cut it out in as perfect a circle as I could manage. After the paint was dry, I screwed the seat back onto the stool and Mod Podged the fabric onto the seat top.

4StoolGluedLining up circles with a piece of stretchy fabric sure was fun.

After that dried for about 15 minutes, I painted the Mod Podge over the top of the fabric and let that dry another 15.


The lighting in my house makes it seem like the colours don’t match, so I took it outside to get better shots in natural light. Then I realized it looks different almost every time. Take my word for it, though. It matches.


This was an accidental shot but it’s kind of neat if you’re into extreme close-ups.

7StoolAfterOutsideWM8StoolAfterOutsideCloseUpWMThe whole project only took about an hour. Now we get to see how well the adhered fabric stays on there and if I’ll need to add more Mod Podge.

I’m happy with the way it turned out, though. It looks pretty ‘effin’ spiffy now. 🙂


Rats A Packin’

Yesterday was National Pack Rat Day!      mouse-306883_640

I bet you didn’t even know…

But I bet you DO know someone who compulsively holds on to, or collects, usually unneeded items. Maybe it’s YOU!

Hey, I’m not calling you out, I’m just giving you a *virtual high five* for solidarity.

All jokes aside, though, hoarding can be hazardous. Sometimes collections get so massive that they compromise living conditions and cause physical and psychological distress. Unfortunately, I know quite a few people who live dangerously in this manner. (It’s time to go through your stuff, guys. I support you.)

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Very Pinteresting!



Love Pinterest? Who doesn’t?!

It’s a great way to organize ideas, inspiration, and tips.

If only my house was as organized as my boards! (I have an organization board too.)

These are my favourite finds from the past week or so.

Kidtastic Ideas

What a great idea! It’s a snacklace!  Not only is this good for movie night, but you could use it for long car rides, or while waiting for appointments.  I may want one of these for myself. lol


Movie Night Necklace Original Post  |  Pinterest Link 


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Fancy Focus Friday

“Focus. Focus. Focus.”

I have to tell myself this constantly. My imagination is always running wild.

I have lists upon lists of project ideas.
I have lists upon lists of organization ideas.
I have lists upon lists of lists!
This is getting ridiculous.

I won’t even get into the endless ideas saved in my Pinterest boards.
(Will I EVER get around to doing any of those things? Who knows.)

One of my biggest peeves, though, is being able to actually finish a project once it’s started.
There’s always something I have to do before I can do something else.

For example, I want to strip the old stain from my coffee table, sand it, and re-stain it some dazzling shade of teal. Before I can do that, however, I have to buy some stripper.
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Since today is St. Patrick’s Day, I planned to paint something green.

After looking through my house and my storage building like 5 times, I couldn’t find anything I wanted to paint that colour, but I did find something that already was green.

I forgot about it because it was stuck behind a door and some other headboards in the building. I lose things. Can you imagine? Hah.

I paid $5 for it at a thrift store last year.

Cool, right?


At least something here is green. I do NOT have a green thumb. It’s more of a yellowish-brown.

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