Vegetarian Lasagna That Even Your Kids Will Eat

I added this recipe to Pinterest a year ago and it gets repinned pretty much every day now, so I decided to share it.

Vegetarian lasagna might not be your favourite, or maybe you’re scared of vegetables, but you might want to give this a shot. The recipe is rated 5 stars on with good reason. It’s delicious. Even my kids will eat it. 2 out of 3 say they love it so that’s a win!

I use 5 oz. of fresh, chopped spinach instead of the frozen, and 2 cups of mushrooms tossed with minced garlic. I think I’ll add broccoli next time I make it.

Recipe by Mille; Photo by Kathy at

Vegetarian Lasagna at | Pinterest Link

P.S. Remember to read through the recipe’s comments for other helpful suggestions. 😉




Foodtastical Art!

I’ll be honest. I haven’t worked on any projects lately. *Pssst… act surprised!*

I painted my beloved coffee table. After I took a few pictures of it and stared at it for a few days, it doesn’t quite feel finished to me so I’m currently stuck on “what DO I do with that middle part?”

The list of things TO do keeps growing, though.

So many ideas, so little time… [that I make for myself.]

I’ve been reorganizing files in my laptop and noticed that I have folders of pictures that I saved before the oh-so-glorious Pinterest came around.

I thought I’d share some of what I have.

So without further blabbing, behold the creative power of food!

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